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The Cloud: Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops are an easy solution to gaining access to your information whether you are in or out of the office. iSupportU has collaborated with Virterrus to provide our clients with the ability to take advantage of all the benefits of Hosted Desktops through our cloud computing services. Through our Business IT Support department, the Hosted Desktops feature creates an efficient work environment through file sharing, remote access, better security and more. Read about all the benefits of hosted desktops with the cloud:

Hosted Desktops

Enable true mobility and workplace flexibility. Log in from any device (iPad, Mac, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), anywhere and from any network to receive your Windows desktop. This includes:

  • Line of business applications
  • Latest version of Microsoft Office suite and licensing
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • AntiVirus & AntiSpyware
  • Secure file-sharing, permissions, and collaboration spaces
  • Business continuity plan
  • Exchange email
  • Spam & Web Filtering
  • Business Data
  • Backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Technical Support

VirtualDesktopEvolve into Efficiency

Maximize employee productivity. Virtualize your environment. Desktop virtualization is a key component in the optimized desktop. When running an organization – it’s important to have a Vision and Strategy around application and desktop delivery. Enterprise Mobility. Designing, building, managing and maintaining the desktop virtualization infrastructure using the right technologies, corresponding vendors, and products is an important step. We understand those concerns and have chosen our portfolio of providers wisely. All use the top technology for virtual desktops, network infrastructure, and security.

Virtual desktops

Provide a technology upgrade and ensure your platform never becomes obsolete:

  • Save on large capital outlay (server recycle, workstation refresh, licensing and software)
  • Reduce CapEx and shift to Opex and a predictable, forecast-able, subscription based model
  • Increase Security
  • Easier management
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Enhanced scalability
  • On demand IT and services
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Considering a migration to the Cloud?

Instead of spending time and money yourself to address cloud potentials and solutions, we make it easier and safer to consume and maintain cloud services while reducing cost and risk. Leverage the technology solutions and providers already researched within our portfolio. This will allow your organization to focus on other pressing business needs while not having to invest the time to become a cloud expert.

Contact iSupportU for a free consultation on how the cloud can help your business.

the cloud storage batttle

The Cloud Storage Battle: Box vs. Dropbox

As a business that both employs cloud computing in house and implements cloud storage systems for our clients, iSupportU highly recommends doing your homework when it comes to the powers of “the cloud.” As highlighted in previous articles on Work Surf, The Virtual WorkPlace, Security & Compliance, and Business Continuity, there are many benefits of cloud storage in the professional setting. Below is another breakdown of the cloud storage market. 

Cloud Storage BattleRead More:Entire Article Source:

The Cloud: WorkSurf

Increase Productivity

Remote access is key in company productivity. iSupportU provides this service to its clients using cloud computing services through our Business IT Services department. We ensure clients can increase productivity with accessibility to apps and data from any place, easy communication and a strong security system. iSupportU along with our partner VirtTerrus, promote an efficient work environment the cloud solutions.  

Workplace flexibility or WorkSurfing

3_web_surfingIs a concept and strategy based on getting work done in the right place by the
correct people at the ideal time. It is made possible through virtual computing, a model developed by Cloud Service Providers for centralizing IT resources and delivering them whatever device.

Businesses must be able to react to change quickly. Whether it is on-boarding or off- boarding new employees, rolling out new software packages, or allowing workers to access their information from wherever they are – traditional IT is not as robust, not as fast, and more expensive than comprehensive virtual solutions.

WorkSurfing strategies are changing the way people and organizations conduct business. by enabling full productivity outside of desks, cubicles, offices and customary work hours, organizations can save on real estate, travel, and costs of labor.

To produce results, a WorkSurfing strategy must address three basic remote access requirements:
  • Employees must be able to accomplish what they would if they were at their desk, with complete access to apps and data.
  • Employees need the ability to communicate and collaborate with co-workers just as easily as if they were physically in the same office.
  • IT must be able to secure and control business data to maintain protection, privacy and compliance.


The Cloud: Virtual Workspace

Implementing cloud services for our clients, allows them to create a virtual workspace which offers mobility and an overall increase in productivity. iSupportU strongly suggests using cloud computing in and out of the office as it not only reduces IT costs, but provides easier transition when traveling or working from home. Our partner VirTerrus helps iSupportU to ensure clients have the accessibility and usability of the cloud. 

Top 10 advantages of a Virtual Workspace

  1. Business continuity
  2. Data security & compliance
  3. Accessibility & workplace flexibility
  4. Accelerate business velocity by moving process to the worksite
  5. Reduced equipment costs, smaller carbon footprint, lower facility costs
  6. Easier management
  7. Enables WorkLife balance – increase employee retention
  8. Improve customer service quality, speed, and scalability
  9. Increase time to value with Mergers & Acquisition
  10. Drive business growth with higher productivity

WorkLife Balance

Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure HarmonyBalancing work and home schedules increases productivity and reduces turnover. Open a new office, hire new employees, and grow without the overhead of traditional IT costs. Attract and retain the best employees wherever they are. Virtualizing your environment enables rapid on-boarding of new employees, services, and workplace mobility for traveling executives, sales staff, or remote workforce.

Like it or not, employees are changing how they want to work. Studies show that companies who embrace this fundamental change in technology increase overall employee productivity and decrease overall wages as employees prefer flexible work environments over higher compensation.

We are a trusted advisor and can assist your business in getting out of the “between a rock and a hard place” problem of not wanting to have to become an expert in the details of cloud computing. We have researched what providers are reliable, financially stable, compliant, secure, and have the platform that will best fit your business needs, initiatives, and goals.

The Cloud: Security & Compliance

iSupportU’s Business IT Services department includes assisting clients with the cloud and all that cloud computing entails. We strongly support the benefits and features of the cloud which include better security for businesses. As our partner, VirTerrus helps iSupportU to work with clients in creating a safe and cohesive work environment. 


today rely on data, and ensuring that data is safe and secure is key. Any interruption to connections, business information, access, or software costs money. Virtual platforms provide enterprise grade data and system access that was not previously cost effective.

Social Engineering & Network Penetration Attempts

CloudSecurityMore sophisticated threats are happening and data protection and privacy are an increasing challenge. Take control and lock down applications, intellectual property, and data as securely as possible while providing employees with the level of access, collaboration, and workplace flexibility they need to increase productivity and accomplish their work.

VirTerrus and iSupportU partner with several of the Top Cloud Service Providers – all of which provide:

  • Professional, credible and scalable service
  • Validated infrastructure
  • Multi-level protection, Secure solutions, Business Continuity
  • Financial stability
  • Rapid response time, support, and disaster preparedness
  • Geo redundant data centers


Regulatory requirements and external agencies mandating these requirements can be stressful or cause you to be unsure on migrating to the cloud. our providers and their datacenters enable compliance by providing the tools and certifications necessary to ensure your organization is covered.

These datacenters are SAS 70 Type II, Service Organization Control (“SOC”) 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, SSAE 16 Certified Secure. HIPPA, PCI, Safe Harbor Certified. Data centers of this caliber are complemented by industry leading security partners that ensure a security upgrade for your data. All aspects of these facilities are redundant:

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Power grids
  • Power supplies and diesel generators
  • Multiple Internet connections (multiple fiber links from several carriers)
  • Temperature control

This ensures 99.999% up-time and provides the ability to simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy and meet compliance mandates while promoting business productivity and growth. Data, applicants, and desktops are managed and secured centrally in the datacenter and delivered securely anywhere, over any kid of connection, in high definition, to any device. Having built-in redundancies to this degree provides a disaster plan ensuring consistent power reaches all equipment and provides the up-time and service your organization requires.